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Stained teeth? It’s an unfortunate and an unpleasant fact. The food and drinks that we consume along with our daily habits are known to stain the enamel and dentine of our teeth. However, everyone around us wishes to own a beautiful smile. Just for You Beauty Spa offers BleachBright Teeth Whitening in Wollongong to make sure that you get and maintain a whiter smile.

Our range of cosmetic teeth whitening (also called “bleaching”) products are considered to be one of the best in the industry. Our unique teeth whitening system will give you the best and the freshest smile that you want in as less than 20 minutes. All ingredients used are found in good quality toothpaste activated by an UV light. This procedure will not harm your oral health and dental quality and will work to simply remove stains and make the crowns and veneers less noticeable. BleachBright teeth whitening is not a medical procedure and is a safe product.

The process involves a 20 minute treatment in which you place a mouthguard in your mouth, with which has the gel on the inside. You then basically, sit in front of a UV light, and smile! It is as simple as that.

So why not sit back and relax in our Beauty Spa while we lighten and brighten your teeth 2-8 shades lighter? Come in your lunch hour and when you return to work your workmates will be envious of your great bright smile!

Why not also take home a Keepbright Whitening Pen. We urge you to keep your smile dazzlingly and bright, even when you’re on the go, with the KeepBright Whitening Pen. Out for a food break? On a outing with friends or family? No problem! Just carry the KeepBright pen along with you and get to maintain your marvellous white smile anywhere and anytime!

For best results, we recommend to not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after your treatment, and try to avoid those teeth dis-colouring nasties (curries, red wine, coffee) for the following 24 hours after your treatment. If you cannot bare to, you can use the Bluminerals for an extra $49 which will seal the pores in your teeth straight away to prevent further staining.

Couple this treatment with a Pedicure, Manicure or Spray Tan for great prices. Just call us on 42295851 and enquire today.

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