top-tagline.gifIf you suffer from any of the following ailments, maybe SALT THERAPY is for you…


Allergies                         Asthma                           Sinus
Snoring                          Bronchitis                      Cold and Flu
Cystic Fibrosis            Emphysema                  Snoring
Stress & Fatigue         Wheezing


Psoriasis                     Eczema                          Dermatitis
Acne                              Rosacea                         Itching
Rashes                         Skin Ageing                   Swelling & Inflammation
Dry, Flaking Skin


It is important to understand that salt therapy is a therapy designed to relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and skin. Salt therapy cleanses the airways and skin, relieving the symptoms of the sufferer’s condition and works in conjunction with the sufferers prescribed medication. By relieving the symptoms of a condition, medication can become more effective resulting in better management of the condition and stronger relief.

*    Have you ever been on a saline (salt water) nebulizer?
*    Have you ever been told to go to the beach and breathe in the salt air, or swim in the salt water?
*   When you have had a mouth ulcer, did you rinse your mouth out with salt water?

Salt therapy is another method of administering salt deep down into the airways, helping to clean out and relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions in a non invasive way.
The natural anti inflammatory effect of salt, is it’s ability to draw fluid.  When you breathe in dry salt  in a salt room, the minute particles line your airways and draw out the fluid from the inflamed airway.  This fluid, now mixed with the salt goes to work on cleaning the walls of the airways, resulting in the sufferer coughing up the congestion.

All you need to do is simply sit in a room which is designed to mimic a salt cave, where a machine called a Halogenerator grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt to such a minute particle that it becomes airborne and is then dispersed into the salt room. You will then inhale these minute particles deep down into your respiratory system, also salt will land on the skin and from here, the salt draws out the inflammation, and then breaks up mucus and cleans the surface.  Mucus and congestion will then be coughed up. Many people feel flu like symptoms during this stage, however it is expected as your lungs are being cleaned out.

The key to getting relief with this therapy is consistency. As people who suffer from respiratory aliments have a condition that either inflames the lungs or produces excessive mucus, salt can only clear a certain amount at a time. To give you an idea of the size of your lungs, if you were to spread their surface area out, the result is the size of a tennis court, now you can imagine just how much mucus can build up.


By exposing your skin during a Salt Session, Salt therapy can result in improvements in the skin’s protective properties and the good bacteria on our skin. Natural Salt is a natural antihistamine, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory. Salt balances Ph levels and induces regenerative processes in the skin, increases skin elasticity, stimulates growth and improves hair health. Dry salt  has a beneficial effect on skin micro-circulation. Also, by relieving congestion and inflammation in the respiratory system, this increases the level of oxygen in the circulation system, which helps the skin’s subcutaneous layer.
We offer ALL of our client’s the choice of either private sessions or to share with others.


*  No side effects.
*  Non invasive therapy, customers just sit back and breathe.
*  Salt Therapy relieves the symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions.
*  Works in conjunction with prescribed medication.
*  Can expand the airways for increased oxygen glow and capacity to enhance athletic performance and endurance.
*  Enable better recovery time from physical activity and stress
*  Accelerate recovery from common colds and flu
*  Revitalize jet lag
*  Detoxification


Salt Therapy has few and rare side effects.

Clients may experience a dry throat and coughing in the beginning.

Other clients may experience skin irritation and increased dermal sensitivity.

General Information

Salt Cave Sanctuary is open…
Tuesday to Friday   9am to 6pm (Thursdays late by appointment)
Saturday   9am to 1pm
Mondays   By Appointment Only

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking start time.  If you arrive late, your treatment time may have to be reduced.
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing.  Hair nets and Booties are provided.

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