Body Treatments in Wollongong Package with Sauna Session

Relax and unwind with one of our luxurious Body Masks and Scrubs. If your skin has been feeling, dry or clogged, the perfect treatment for it is a scrub and mask! Using a textured salt scrub, our therapists with massage the scrub into your skin, exfoliating any dead skin and clearing clogged skin. They will then cover your body in a customised mask and wrap you up, so that your skin can produce heat which is a great detox for your whole body

Body Masks & Scrubs

Relax and unwind on a comfortable bed with fresh towels and in calming environment.

Salt Scrub & Body Mask


Salt Scrub & Body Mask with 1hr Massage


For the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation treatment… add a 1 hour Swedish Massage to your scrub and mask!

Cavitation Treatments

We ALL have unwanted fat deposits or cellulite that just will not go away, even with adequate diet and exercise. Ultrasonic Contour Fat & Cellulite Reduction therapy is a non- invasive body contouring solution. This system utilises a safe and effective bio-cavitation ultrasound and radiofrequency technology that is known to break down unwanted fat deposits and cellulite in the body that results in a toned body shape as well as a smoother skin.

Designed as a simple ‘walk-in, walk-out’ solution, these treatments involve no downtime, and no recovery time. This safe and effective procedure can treat multiple areas like the abdomen, love handles, bra straps, angel wings, saddle bags, buttocks and thighs. Following treatment clients can take advantage of our Infrared Sauna session to further detox the body and enhance the cavitation treatment. Treatment sessions are 30min for the Ultrasonic Contour and 30min for the Sauna session.

This procedure of the body treatments in Wollongong is comfortable and painless, has no side effects and requires no anaesthesia or sedation.

Although the single treatment can be helpful to kickstart the process, our therapists recommend coming in for at least 4 treatments to receive greater benefit.

Lose Centimetres with our Cavitation Treatments

30 min Cavitation Treatment


4x Cavitation Treatments with Sauna Session


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